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Trí theo t ? lo ? i c ? a t ? mà nó b ổ ngh ĩ

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trí theo t lo i c a t mà nó b ngh ĩ a. Nó luôn ñứ ng sau tính t phó t : Are those french fries good enough for you? She speak Spanish well enough to be an interpreter. It is not cold enough now to wear a heavy jacket. Nh ư ng l i ñứ ng tr ướ c danh t : Do you have enough sugar for the cake? He does not have enough money to attend the concert. N ế u danh t ñ ã ñượ c nh c ñế n tr ướ c ñ ó, thì d ướ i có th dùng enough nh ư m t ñạ i t thay cho danh t I forgot money . Do you have enough ? 22. Much, many, a lot of và lots of – trong m t s tr ườ ng h p khác 22.1 Much & many Many ho c much th ườ ng ñứ ng tr ướ c danh t . Many ñ i v i danh t ñế m ñượ c và much ñ i v i danh t không ñế m ñượ c: She didn’t eat much breakfast . (Cô ta không ă n sáng nhi u) There aren’t many large glasses left. (Không còn l i nhi u c c l n) Tuy nhiên much of có th ñ i v i tên ng ườ i và tên ñị a danh:
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S ư u t m và thi ế t k ế b i Ph m Vi t V ũ - 76 – Tr ườ ng ðạ i H c Kinh T ế ð à N ng I have seen too much of Howard recently. (G n ñ ây tôi hay g p Howard) Not much of Denmark is hilly. ( ð an m ch không có m y ñồ i núi) Many/much of + determiner (a, the, this, my... ) + noun . You can’t see much of a country in a week. (Anh không th bi ế t nhi u v m t n ướ c trong vòng m t tu n ñ âu.) I won’t pass the exam. I have missed many of my lessons . (Tôi s không thoát ñượ c k thi này m t, tôi b quá nhi u bài.) Many much dùng nhi u trong câu ph ñị nh và câu nghi v n, trong câu kh ng ñị nh có th dùng các lo i t khác nh ư plenty of, a lot, lots of ... ñể thay th ế . How much money have you got? I’ve got plenty . He got lots of men friends, but he doesn’t know many women. Tuy v y trong ti ế ng Anh, much many v n ñượ c dùng bình th ườ ng trong câu kh ng ñị nh. Much has been written about the causes of unemployment in the opinion of many economists. Much dùng nh ư m t phó t ( much ñứ ng tr ướ c ñộ ng t nh ư ng ñứ ng sau very và sau c u trúc ph ñị nh c a câu): I don’t travel much these days. (much = very often) I much appreciate your help. (much=highly) We very much prefer the country to the town. Janet much enjoyed her stay with your family. Much too much / many so many ( ñể nh n m nh) dùng ñộ c l p sau m nh ñề chính, tr ướ c danh t mà nó b ng . The cost of a thirty-second commercial advertisement on a television show is $300,000, much too much for most business.
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