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Ii the chloroplasts organelle that contains

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ii) the chloroplasts? Organelle that contains chlorophyll which is responsible for ATP production via photosynthesis. iii) the bundle sheath cells? Layer of cells that form a sheath surrounding the vascular bundles. In C4 plants the bundle sheath cells contain 1 Upper epidermis Bundle-sheath cells Air space Stoma Mesophyll cell Xylem Phloem Lower epidermis
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chloroplasts, is the site of the Calvin cycle, and is where carbon fixation occurs. Exercise 8.2: 5. List five pigments that are responsible for plant colors. Chlorophyll a (green) Chlorophyll b (green) Carotenoids (yellow) Xanthophylls (orange) Anthocyanins (blue, violet, purple, dark red) 6. List the two organic solvents and the mix proportion used to extract the plant pigments. Identify which solvent is polar and which is non-polar. 4ml Petroleum ether (non-polar) in a 1:3 mix ratio 4ml Acetone (polar) in a 1:3 mix ratio Exercise 8.3: 8. What is the objective of this exercise? To separate pigments by TLC. 9. What does the acronym TLC stand for? Thin-layer chromatography 10. What is the plastic strip used in this experiment coated with (stationary phase)? Silica 11. Describe the principle involved in TLC. TLC takes advantage of subtle differences in the relative solubility of various substances between a stationary phase and a mobile phase. The greater the solubility in the mobile organic phase (relative to its solubility in the
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ii the chloroplasts Organelle that contains chlorophyll...

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