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Employment security commission of north carolina

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Employment Security commission of North Carolina – Labor & Wage Unit, Labor Market Information Division http://eslmi23.esc.state.nc.us/ew/ Environmental Defense Fund http://www.scorecard.org/ Geographic.org http://www.geographic.org Guttmacher Institute http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_teens.html Institute of Research in Social Science at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill http://unc.edu/depts/irss/ Log into North Carolina (LINK) http://data.osbm.state.nc.us/pis/linc/dyn_linc_main.show North Carolina Child Advocacy Institute http://www.ncchild.org 15
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North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force www.preventchildabusenc.org/publications/press_releases/cftf North Carolina Communicable Disease Control http://www.epi.state.nc.us/epi/gcdc.html North Carolina Crime Statistics http://sbi2.jus.state.nc.us/crp/public/default.htm North Carolina Department of Agriculture http://www.agr.state.nc.us/stats/ North Carolina Department of Commerce http://www.commerce.state.nc.us North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services – Division of Medical Assistance http://www.dhhs.state.nc.us.dma/ http://www.epi.state.nc.us.epi/hiv/surveillance.html North Carolina Department of Public Instruction http://www.dpi.state.nc.us North Carolina Department of Transportation Public Transportation Division http://www.dot.state.nc.us/transit/transitnet/ North Carolina Division of Public Health – Oral Health Section http://www.communityhealth.dhhs.state.nc.us/dental/ North Carolina Division of Public Health – Women’s and Children’s Health Section http://wch.dhhs.state.nc.us/ North Carolina Employment Security Commission http://esc.state.nc.us North Carolina Office of State Planning http://www/ospi.state.nc.us North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation http://sbi.jus.state.nc.us North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics (NC-SCHS) http://www.schs.state.nc.us/SCHS/index.html North Carolina Rural Data Bank (by county) http://www.ncruralcenter.org/databank/profile Public Schools of North Carolina http://www.ncpublicschools.org/accountability/reporting/sat/2005 State of North Carolina http://www.state.nc.us University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center http://www.hsrc.unc.edu 16
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