Mr menke has not held a position in the past that he

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Mr. Menke has not held a position in the past that he feels prepared him for this career. He was a sus chef before this. When he entered college he was going for a Hospitality Management Degree however he came out with a Business Management Degree. He joined CVS right after graduating. 5. Do you have people who work for you, and what do they do? There are many people that work for Mr. Menke on a daily basis. They assist in many of the tasks I stated above that Mr. Menke himself does but they also clean the store, run the cash registers, print photos and run the photo lab. They supply customer service to customers who are in need, restock shelves, and face the store. Facing is a term used for bringing all items forward so that all shelves have the appearance of being full. The idea is to always have a product “facing” the customer. Mr Menke performs all these duties as well when needed although they are not part of his primary role. 6. What is one of the most challenging things about the work you do? One of the most challenging things about working in the career is staying on task. It is easy to let yourself be pulled in a hundred different directions at once. With so many responsibilities and things that everyone needs to get done it is easy to get sidetracked from a task in order to help someone else accomplish theirs. Before long, hours have gone by, it’s time to leave for the day yet the original task is still waiting to be done. Answering questions by delegation is important in avoiding this. Assign another crew member to help the person whom is struggling or if no one else is available, train them to
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do it by explaining to them what to do, do not just do it for them or the situation will repeat itself. That person will not learn anything and you will find yourself completing the same task for them a week later. Keeping focused and on task can be a daunting task in itself but it is a very large part of success or failure as a store manager. 7. Why is time management important to you, and what time management tips could you  suggest? The most important part of time management according to Mr. Menke is prioritization. Creating a list of daily tasks, then numbering them in and completing them order of priority is a key element in making sure the store runs smoothly. 8. How do you balance your family, job, work, and leisure time? It took a while but Mr. Menke finally learned to keep the store at the store and not bring it home with him. A set schedule is created each week and that is what he works, unless there is an extenuating circumstance such as a corporate visit. When scheduled for a day off, take the day off. When it’s time to go home, put stuff away and go home. The job is a job. Family is your life. 9.
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Mr Menke has not held a position in the past that he feels...

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