Their services when there are people in our world

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their services when there are people in our world that just go around and have sex with multiple partners for fun instead of money. These people are just as detrimental to our society as prostitutes but are not considered so because they are not getting paid. In Washington D.C. and New York City, nearly half of the prostitutes were tested HIV positive; similar evidence was found in Newark, New Jersey, where 60 percent of prostitutes tested were found to carry the AIDS virus. In the same study, prostitutes in Nevada were also tested. Not one licensed prostitute tested positive for the AIDS virus (Armentano). By allowing licenses to sell their bodies, prostitutes are better able to take care of themselves and service their customers in a safer environment, as opposed to the streets. As previously stated, prostitution has been around for centuries upon centuries. Governments have also been trying to rule this profession for as long as it has been a profession. As long as we keep trying to ban this profession, it will continue to degrade and bring down our society by raising our crime rates and increase the risks of STI’s. Instead of making laws against prostitution, we need to start making laws regulating prostitution to make it a safer, less destructive part of life. We are no longer living in the days of long-term monogamous relationships; the law just needs to catch up to the times.
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their services when there are people in our world that just...

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