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The leader has an advantage and uses it the nature of

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The Leader has an advantage and uses it. The nature of the relationship between the two players (a leader with more market power than the follower) is modeled here as a sequential game. It is that extra market power that give rise to higher profits for the leader. The other side of this relationship forces the weaker follower to accept lower profits than under Cournot. and Profits 22 , 2 2 , ( 4 ) 8 a c Vs.
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Chapter 13 –Oligopoly Slide 19 The Bertrand competition model The Bertrand oligopoly model Bertrand • Firms maximize profits Bertrand conjecture : Firms choose (the price or the quantity) assuming that other firm(s) keep their price fixed • Practical matter: easiest to define strategies as “prices” Difference Cournot model and Bertrand model: - conjecture how the game of competition is played • Solution will be radically different, however Chapter 13 –Oligopoly Slide 20 The Bertrand competition model Solution Bertrand model • Solution concept: Nash Equilibrium • THE ONLY solution: • Equilibrium payoffs are zero! Notes • With only two firms the outcome is the perfectly competitive outcome! • Solution is welfare maximizing c p p = = 2 1
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Chapter 13 –Oligopoly Slide 21 Discussion: Cournot vs Bertrand Cournot Æ Cournot conjecture • Prediction: if few firms compete, they all make positive profits Bertrand Æ Bertrand conjecture • Prediction: even with few firms perfectly competitive market. No firm makes profits, even if there are a few Conclusion: Bertrand model Æ Bertrand conjecture seems more natural, however result is unrealistic! Defending Cournot • Assumption realistic if interpreting quantity as capacity • So new interpretation: first capacity choice, then price choice Defending Bertrand • Prediction of positive profits if there is collusion between firms • Prediction of positive profits if firms price often over time
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The Leader has an advantage and uses it The nature of the...

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