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A there was once that happened when we came here and

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Unformatted text preview: A: There was once that happened. When we came here and they paved up the whole place and covered it. After that I don’t think so Q: Who do you come with? A: I come here with my friends Q: Do you all shop together? A: Yes we do as we have the same thing to shop for here Q: Do you usually bargain? 120 A: Yup... very well Q: And does your friend bargain? A (2): No I just stand there and pay the money Q: and why don’t you bargain? A (1): Because he won’t do it Q: Would you say that females are better bargainers then men? A: No Q: And why do you think so? A: Because I have a mom and a twin sister and they are really bad at bargaining Q: And you generalize this view that you have on every female? A: Yeah. I am a stereotype but you stay with people and you realize that they are not good at bargaining Q: What does it take to be a good bargainer? A: I think you just need to walk away from the shop. Women don’t do that. It is a technique. With Pathans its like you walk away and they go like okay buy it Q: If I say this slipper is for Rs. 1000, how will you bargain? A: Basically half the price. I’ll say Rs. 500 and then he’ll be like Rs. 750 and then I say no and insist on Rs. 500 and start to walk away and he will go okay listen buy it Q: And how long does the process take? A: Hardly a minute or two. It depends on the shopper and the guy who is selling it Q: Have you guys seen any changes in pricing system over here with the renovation/development of Sunday Bazaar? A: Yeah it has. It is just that they know the brands and they go like oh it’s of Nike so buy it for this much Q: do you think they are smarter A: Yeah I think they are. And they know English so you can’t fool them anymore. We talk in English and they go like I won’t take Rs. 250 I will take Rs. 300. Q: Do you think culture has an effect? Talking in a particular language to them? A: Yeah it does. Some usually confuse me to be a pathan Q: What type of attitude do you have when talking to them? Friendly? A: Yeah yeah Q: Do you tell that you’ve bought a certain item from here when you’re with friends? A: No I don’t tell anyone Q: Why not? A: If you wear a brand like NEXT, they will assume that your mother or some relative got it from abroad so you will stick to that instead of telling them that you got them second hand. Even if it does look second hand Q: Do you purchase grocery from here? A: Nobody does that Q: Not even your parents? A: No they don’t. My parents have never been to Sunday Bazaar Q: Why A: They don’t live nearby. My mom is never interested in bargaining. Q: Why do you come so far away here and not other places like Friday market? A: It is just a trip and Sunday is the only day I get off from university Q: So is this like an outing for you?...
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A There was once that happened When we came here and they...

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