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For glacier disaster in pakistan this isnt the

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http://ourworld.unu.edu/en/preparing-for-glacier-disaster-in-pakistan/ This isn’t the most informational site or the best site that I could use for my paper. Although it does talk about ice glaciers and how they are melting. This site also talks about the affects it is having on the city in Pakistan that has had flooding due to glaciers. It talks about the climate change and how it affect Pakistan and how they rebuilt their lives. I would be able to use this site to show examples of some of the outcomes to global warming and how it really is affecting our lives. Gourley, Bruce. Weather Patterns. . 2007 http://climatechange.ws/weather/ This site refers to the weather patterns. It talks about hurricanes, tornadoes and other awful storms. They talk about how global warming is increasing these disasters. They discuss the temperature change and how much it has increased over the last decade or so. This site also talks about the amount of rainfall that is being seen, and how many places are seeing droughts and how the precipitation isn’t what it should be. This site would really be able to help me with
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Hirsch finding good facts about the weather and how it affects different parts of the world due to global warming. This site would also be able to give me very good quotes. There are many good researched studies that are also found on the site that I would be able to use to get a stronger point in my paper. Solomon,. Climate Change Affecting Earth's Outermost Atmosphere. . 11 December. 2006 http://www.ucar.edu/news/releases/2006/thermosphere.shtml This site is written by a scientist who talks about what the gasses actually do to the atmosphere and what the holes in the ozone layer really do to us. It also talks about different studies that he has done to prove what he says. This site also talks about views from space and different things that satillites have picked up from being out in space. This would be very useful to my paper for the simple reason that it can help me explain what is actually going on. How each gas affects the atmosphere in a different way.
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