On the aset side we ocused mainly on sme within that

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Unformatted text preview: On the aset side, we ocused mainly on SME. Within that segment, Ijarah, Murabaha and Diminishing Mushri a acounted or most o the inancing. An inovative Istisna transaction was also suces uly underta en. Yet another point o satis action was execution o a suces ul Mushari a transaction with an equipment importer. The Ban as a strategy would be lo ing or similar transaction this year more agresively. Yet another milestone achieved was grant o Islamic Export Re- inance line by State Ban thereby ma ing Ban Islami one o the ew Islamic Ban s the central ban has reposed con idence on. During the year, the Ban also launched suces uly a Auto Ijarah scheme with god response. As wel, the ground wor on Home Financing was also completed and is ready or a so t launch. By the grace o Alah, the entire aset port olio, including Auto Ijarah, was per orming. Use o Technology or a beter product delivery and lower intermediation cost has ben a corner stone o the Ban 's strategy. The Ban suces uly launched its operations in online environment. Aditionaly, it has the unique distinction to o er Internet Ban ing to its customers right rom the irst day. Deployment o biometric ATM's irst time in the region is yet another eather in the cap. Phone Ban ing and a round the cloc cal center was also launched. Going orward, the Ban is evaluating its options or acquisition o a core ban ing system that acilitates Islamic ban ing. As a contingency, the Ban is also geared to underta e sel development i ned be. On the Human Resources ront, the Ban tac led the shortage o trained resources with a lot o inovation and oresight. Firstly, each and every sta o Ban Islami is trained on Islamic ban ing and has to pas a test. This course ensures a minimum level o understanding. As wel, the Ban is also embar ing upon speci ic product training to ensure e icient product delivery through the entire networ . Secondly, to cater to the Human resource requirements in uture, the Ban has suces uly launched its graduate training program with god results. Inshalah in thre years time, most o the sta ing requirements would be met through internal resources. On in ra-structure and premises side, the Ban is head quartered in owned 23, SQF premises located right next to the Cli ton beach. Four out o ten branches are owned by the Ban . As a strategy, the Ban pre ers owning busines premises i such an option is available. This strategy is li ely to continue in uture as wel. Al branches o the Ban have ben done with a consistent theme to ensure the same lo and el in al locations. 8 Financial Highlight : Particular R . in 000' Revenue 143,554 Expenses 177,953 Financing 959,133 Investments 493, 8 Deposits 1,778, 8 Equity 2, 2,887 Aset Deposit Ratio 44% Capital Adequacy Ratio 62. 1% Futur outlo : Ban Islami is Inshalah poised or a major growth in year 2 7. The Ban has received aproval or opening 18 branches and inshalalh by the end o year the networ o Ban Islami wil expand to 28....
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On the aset side we ocused mainly on SME Within that...

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