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Thesis Final Report (long)

A there are so many times that i go back home buying

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Unformatted text preview: A: There are so many times that I go back home buying items from here and there is a quarrel at home that why I bought the item when it was not needed Q: Do you end up convincing the other person that the thing was very much needed? A: Oh yes I do Q: Is bargaining here a necessity? 107 A: It is more then necessary. The person selling also knows the amount on which he has to sell and the buyer also knows how much he can pay. The person selling would quote ten times the prices while the person buying would want the product at 1% of the price Q: Let’s say, that I quote this bag’s price as Rs. 1000. What price will you quote for it to the retailer? A: When I want to buy a bag I will know by looking at it the price suitable for it.. what range should it be in, in this market. When you visit other markets the same bag is for Rs. 1500. now its on us how we look at the bag. You will look at your budget and then start bargaining with the retailer. I mostly see women talking to each other going like “ive seen this bag at someplace for Rs. 2000” now a person has mentally prepared themselves that since its expensive in other areas they will not do much bargaining as they know they are getting good price. However people like me, would look at their choice and the necessity of them item and then quote the price. If the retailer agrees then its good and if not then its fine too. Q: In your opinion are females better bargainers than men? A: It depends. there are females who rarely visit markets and when they do they just want to buy the item and convince their husband to buy it Q: Are you a better bargainer then your wife? A: (Husband) at some areas it’s me and at some it’s her…We are good bargainers of items of our own preference respectively (Wife) In my opinion, men don’t know much about bargaining. Females know that the item is needed and the retailer will lower his price definitely so we argue but men won’t do that. Q: What according to you are the qualities of a good bargainer? A: The person who looks at their own budget/ status. There are two things that are important to become a good bargainer. We should know our need and know our own status. Like I’ve said that I buy things that I like but I know they are not my need Q: Do you discuss your shopping experience of Sunday Bazaar with family and friends in gatherings? A: Yes we do Q: Don’t you feel strange when discussing about it and how do they react? A: no I don’t feel strange. It depends on the person. They can react by saying that the things you bought is easily available in the price you got it for. There are times when friends do appreciate that I’ve bought something at a lower price Q: Let’s say you’ve bought this bag for a price you wanted to and then you find out that actually in the market it is priced much lower. How would you feel?...
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A There are so many times that I go back home buying items...

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