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8 are the measurements in problem 6 accurate are they

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8. Are the measurements in problem 6 accurate? Are they precise? Explain your answers. 9. Which of these measurements was made with the most precise measuring device: 8.1956 m, 89.20 m, or 8.196 m? Explain your answer. Density Data of Sucrose Student B Studend C Trial Density (g/cm 3 ) Density (g/cm 3 ) 1 1.40 1.70 2 1.68 1.69 3 1.45 1.71 Avg
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2 Accuracy-Precision & Significant Figures in Measurements WS 10. On the rulers below, measure the length of the paper clip, in cm. The measurements will NOT be identical. You must read to the calibration markings then estimate the next decimal place as the final digit. Cover up the ruler(s) below the one you are using to prevent being influenced by them. length: cm sig. fig(s). length: cm sig. fig(s). length: cm sig. fig(s). a. Why were the measurements different? b. Which measurement required the greatest amount of estimation? Which has the most precision? Explain. c. How did you indicate the differences in the precision in your measurements? 11. Measuring Volume: Determine the volume of H 2 O in the following graduated cylinders, using the correct sig figs. Remember to read at the bottom of the meniscus. a. b. c. d. e. 12. Identify the number of significant figures (you do not need units on sig figs): a. 3.0800 kg b. 0.00418 m c. 7.09 × 10 –5 L d. 91,600 miles e. 0.003005 g f. 38 books g. 3.200 × 10 9 s h. 250 °C i. 780,000,000 km j. 20 years in one score k. 0.0101 mL l. 0.00800 cm m. 20,700 inches n. 5.0002 × 10 8 J Answers: 5. % Error (B) = 5%; % Error (C) = 6.9%; 7. % Error = 0.01%, 0.03%, 0.13%
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