The largest professional group in texas is the 35 a

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35)The largest professional group in Texas is the35) A)Texas Trial Lawyers Association.B)Texas State Teachers Association.C)Texas High School Coaches Association.D)Texas Medical Association. 36)Texas required registration of interest groups for the first time in ________.36) 37)Which of the following can help offset the power of interest groups?37) 38)Having a large number of interest groups representing a particular interest, rather than asmall number, 38) 39)The process of electioneering begins with39) A)interest polling.B)raising money for campaign costs.C)focus groups.D)candidate recruitment. 40)Which of the following is one of the five types of lobbyist?40) 8
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41) Map 11.2 - Medicaid Expansion by State SOURCE: National Conference of State Legislatures, "State Decisions on ACA-Related Medicaid Expansion," January 2016, . According to Map 11.2, which of the following states is currently working on implement alternative to Medicare expansion? 41) A) Texas B) Kentucky C) New Mexico D) New Hampshire 42)Under the Affordable Care Act42) 43)In some cases, the policy implementation stage of the policy cycle is43) 9
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