Safer health care a conference organised by the

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Safer health care A conference organised by the  Social Dimensions of Health Institute will be held at the  University of St Andrews in Fife on June 25 and 26. The  event, called Making Health Care Safer: Learning from  Social and Organisational Research, is for researchers,  practitioners and policymakers. It will explore topics  such as better collective learning, sustainable quality  improvement and safer patient care. Abstracts in the form  of visual displays, parallel sessions or workshops may be  submitted until April 16. Poster submissions from doctoral  students and early-career researchers will be given  priority. On the move important nursing, patient and organisational outcomes. Research suggests that the more emotionally intelligent a nurse is, the better his or her performance may be. Studies have also suggested that EI is related to some leadership attributes in nursing students. Emotional learning If EI does lead to positive outcomes, can it be improved? If EI is an ‘intelligence’, then substantial changes may not be possible after the brain has fully formed in early adulthood. But that is not to say that the skills associated with EI cannot be improved with education. An important next step is to identify whether such skills can be meaningfully developed or enhanced. If so, should nursing schools incorporate EI training into the curriculum? Should EI continuing education programmes be mandatory for nurses and nurse leaders? Conversely, should EI scores be used to screen student candidates for places on nursing programmes or positions in nursing practice? Studies that further explore this level of prediction would clearly be of benefit. EI is a developing concept with the potential to make a difference in nursing education and practice, although students of the subject need to be critical, paying particular attention to the definition and measurement of EI. With more research, EI may be recognised as a significant component in the repertoire of nursing skills N S Audrey Beauvais is assistant professor of nursing at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, United States Naomi Chapman has been appointed  manager of the RCN executive nurse  network. Dr Chapman recently held the 
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Safer health care A conference organised by the Social...

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