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crs 335 leadership analysis

According to these numbers i have a high active

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active engagement items. According to these numbers I have a high active engagement and a moderate to high independence level. All of the leaders that I have followed have lead me in the right path and succeeded at their missions. I think my followership style could change depending on the leader. If I feel the leader is taking me down a path that is destructive I will open my mouth and tell the leader to rethink their strategy. And on the other hand if I feel a leader is doing the best job and there is nothing they could change to enhance their leadership capabilities I will follower their lead and be submissive toward them. In terms of Kelly’s research my followership scores mean that I am an exemplary follower. I am considered a critical thinker as well as an active participant. I contribute innovative ideas and usual go beyond what is required. Regardless of the leader I feel my followership style would stay the same. I will always put my best foot forward and go beyond what is asked or required of me so that the organization I am apart of looks good and functions at a very high level. I am not complacent with mediocrity. I want the best for whoever I work for because it is a reflection on me.
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