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Shakespeare demonstrates the notion of forgive and

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Shakespeare demonstrates the notion of “forgive and forget” through Edgar and Cordelia because although they were mistreated and misunderstood by their fathers’ they were still able to forgive them. Like in most novels/plays the good often succeed because of their good deeds. “Well, sir, the poor distressèd Lear’s i' th' town, Who sometime in his better tune remembers What we are come about, and by no means Will yield to see his daughter .” Pg 187 (CL) Kent describes how the poor, mad King Lear is in Dover. Often when the King feels sane he remembers why they are in Dover but refuses to see his daughter Cordelia. To clarify King Lear does not want to see Cordelia because he feels terrible about what he did to her even though she turned out to be the only daughter that truly loved him the most. King Lear has realized his mistake in believing Goneril and Regan and
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feels it is too late to apologize to Cordelia. Although Lear has gone a little crazy he still remembers how he treated Cordelia and feels ashamed about it. King Lear’s guilt and shame is preventing him from going to visit Cordelia. “All blessed secrets, All you unpublished virtues of the earth, Spring with my tears. Be aidant and remediate In the good man’s distress. Seek, seek for him, Lest his ungoverned rage dissolve the life That wants the means to lead it. Pg 191 (P) Cordelia is willing to do whatever she can to help her father get rest and regain his sanity. I predict that Cordelia is going to be willing to sacrifice herself for her father even though he was the one that was unkind to her. In the passage the doctor notifies Cordelia that King Lear can regain his sanity but what he needs is rest and he can obtain it easily if he is treated with special herbs. Cordelia is so anxious to help her father out that she is willing to water those plants with her tears to help them grow and give them to the king before his madness endangers his life. “'Tis known before. Our preparation stands In expectation of them. O dear father, It is thy business that I go about. Therefore great France My mourning and importuned tears hath pitied. No blown ambition doth our arms incite, But love—dear love!—and our aged father’s right. Soon may I hear and see him. Pg 191 (C) Since Regan and Goneril betrayed Lear and Cordelia is all he has left and she has decided to take matter into her own hands and retake what was rightfully the king’s. In real life most people do the same thing when they see that someone is incapable of doing something they take charge of what the other person can’t do. For example sometimes when my dad gets sick and has to do something I usually take matters into my own hands and do it for him. Cordelia just wants her father to regain sanity and have his kingdom returned.
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