In some industries you must consider regulatory requirements for data security

In some industries you must consider regulatory

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Creating a comprehensive strategy for backing up and restoring data is complex. In some industries, you must consider regulatory requirements for data security, privacy, and records retention. SoftNAS Cloud provides multiple capabilities for data redundancy. Always have one or more independent data backups, beyond the data redundancy provided by SoftNAS Cloud . You can back up data disks using EBS snapshots and third-party backup tools to create offsite or other backup copies to protect data. SoftNAS Cloud provides multiple levels of data protection and redundancy, but it isn’t intended to replace normal data backup processes. Instead, these levels of redundancy and data protection reduce risks associated with data loss or data
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Amazon Web Services SoftNAS Architecture on AWS Page 14 integrity, and provide features that enable rapid recovery, often without the need to restore from a backup copy. SoftNAS Cloud is Copy-On-Write (COW) File System SoftNAS Cloud leverages the reliable, mature ZFS. ZFS is a copy-on-write file System, which means that existing data is never directly overwritten. Instead, new data blocks are appended to each file, conceptually similar to a tape. Figure 2 depicts how the file System inside SoftNAS Cloud maintains multiple versions, known as storage snapshots, without overwriting the existing data. Figure 2: Copy-on-write file system Automatic Error Detection and Correction SoftNAS Cloud automatically detects and corrects unforeseeable data errors. These errors can occur over time for many different reasons including bad sectors, network, or other I/O errors. SoftNAS Cloud also provides protection against potential “bit rot”, disk media deterioration over time caused by magnetism decay, cosmic ray effects, and other sporadic issues that can cause data storage or retrieval errors. Proven ZFS data integrity measures are implemented by SoftNAS Cloud to detect errors, repair them automatically, and ensure data integrity is maintained. Each read is validated against a 256-bit checksum code. When
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