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On february 18th this year they asked me to send my

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Unformatted text preview: On February 18th this year, they asked me to send my Gmat score to them, but I don’t have it yet. Because the problems of concordia university, I suddenly felt that I need another university to accept my applicaition. Therefore, I contacted Eastern Oregon University to finish my applicait ion. I thought I would soon complete the application and enter into the graduate school. Never theless, they considered I did not have the commercial background and Gmat. Hence they per mitted me to enter into their undergraduate program to study some months. In conclusion,during the application, there are some detail mistakes of the apply process to de lay my applicaition date such as lack of some materials and don't understand application rules. However I really want to enter into a graduate program and I also want to learn Toefl and Gm at courses to apply for MBA program. Hence I hope I can continue my F1 status to study the g raduate program. Sincerely Zi Wang...
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