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After what felt like months of being in ohio i made

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After what felt like months of being in Ohio, I made my first friend, Alyssa. She was different from everyone else just like me. She was new just like me so we ended up both sitting alone at lunch. Neither one of us wanted to be alone so we made acquaintances, what I did not
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SOCIOLOGY AND ME know then was that she would truly change my life forever. She was a little heaver then me and had problems with it. She would often tell me about her weight problems and how she often discriminated (TCO 5) from certain things and would get picked on her because of her weight. We had a kinship, I related to her I understood how she felt, not because I had a weight problem, but because I had a Polish (TCO 5 & 6) accent and people often discriminated against me and rarely took the time to understand me but was quick to judge me just like people where to her. Alyssa and I are still best friends to this day. Although our lives have changed dramatically we still have that special connection and understanding. She was the only person I had as a friend for many years, I grew to love her and her and her family became just like the family had left in Chicago. We are proud of who we are and where we are from. She has encouraged me to succeed and has never left my side no matter how rough things had ever got for me. Although I no longer live in Chicago, I have a new comfort zone, I feel at home and not alone.
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