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I am worthy of the good things in my life for me dan

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shown me that there is life and love after your world falls apart. I am worthy of the good things in my life. For me, Dan is one of them. Dan has been by far, the single most positive influence in my adult life thus far. Paragraph #2: Purpose:   Share an Opinion Write a complete paragraph about the advantages and  disadvantages of taking online  classes. Do not write more than  ONE  paragraph for this topic.  Use specific ideas and  examples to illustrate your points and make sure to refer to the  Paragraph Structure  Chart  located at the end of the Unit 6 Reading.  Include a topic sentence, supporting  details and a conclusion ( minimum  ten  complete sentences ).      There are disadvantages and advantages for taking online classes. One of the advantages I see in going to school online is no traveling. I travel a lot for work so to add more miles on top of that for school would be difficult and time consuming. Another advantage is that I get to work according to my schedule. The ability to do school work around my job and children makes learning much easier. This is because I am able to study when the house is quiet instead of when it is in chaos. With three children running around, that happens quite often. I also find the fact that all questions to the professor are in writing to be a benefit. Whether it be on the discussion
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