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The lessee has paid the rent for may and june 2011

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The lessee has paid the rent for May and June 2011 but has not paid the rent due on 1 July 2011, nor has it made any subsequent payments. 5. On 1 August 2011, FBN Holdings Pty Ltd served a Notice to Quit on the lessee requiring it to quit the premises effective from 15 August 2011. 6. The lessee remains in possession of the premises. 7. You have received instructions to draw a statement of claim on behalf of FBN Holdings Pty Ltd, who wants possession of the land and arrears of rent.
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possession of property wants monetary sum – rental arrears P – FBN Holdings Pty Ltd (lessor) D – Heath Street Nominees (lessee) A person held rights and a person owed rights – intro paras SoC have to assert what obligation was owed that has been breached chrono order parties first allegations what has happened to generate the right – entering into the lease lease implied rights and obs on both sides llord received rights to monthly rent in adidition to right to receive rent, llord reeived right to extinguish the prop right if the rent was not payable within 14 days right arose by consent- tenant prepared to give that right instructions – while rent was paid formay&june following on, no payments have been made following that notice to quit was serve din august11
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