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Rockabilly sun records slap back wc handy charley

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rockabilly Sun Records slap-back W.C. Handy Charley Patton Blind Lemon Jefferson Robert Johnson Bessie Smith George Gershwin Ralph Peer Carter Family Jimmy Rogers Gene Autry/Roy Rogers Bob Wills Bill Monroe Hank Williams Louis Jordan Ruth Brown Big Mama Thornton Muddy Waters The Dominoes Alan Freed Fats Domino Bill Haley Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup Chords/Crew Cuts Elvis Presley Sam Phillips Jerry Lee Lewis Carl Perkins Johnny Cash Roy Orbison Buddy Holly 3. Essay Questions Each of these questions should be answered in an essay no shorter than five sentences in length. A fuller answer is more like to receive full credit. Specific musical examples go a long way toward demonstrating a solid grasp of the material – use them whenever possible! -- What are the five general features of music in the African-American tradition? Where do they appear (or not appear) in following types of music: the blues, hillbilly music, Tin Pan Alley songs, country and western, rhythm and blues? Be sure to include specific musical examples along with your argument. -- Diagram the 12-bar blues and explain the relationship between the poetic scheme and harmonic form. What advantages does this standard scheme provide?
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-- Why did the labels ‘race record’ and ‘hillbilly music’ disappear? What did they become, and why? -- Describe the significance of World War II with respect to the American popular music market. How did music change during and after the war, and why? -- Why was Elvis Presley such an incredible crossover success? Be sure to detail both the historical conditions that set up his rise to fame and the features of his much-touted musical style.
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