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General Introduction

Page 1 16 quality assurance ¾ what is a quality

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Page 1-16 Quality Assurance ¾ What is a quality product? Functions reliably over a long period of time ¾ When should quality of the product be ensured? Before: inspection of product after it has been manufactured. Now: Built into the part. Ensure the processes are properly controlled. Control processes not products ¾ Total Quality Management (TQM) and Quality Assurance TQM: 1980-1990 Company wide structure QA: different methods to assure quality Deming, Taguchi and Juran (contributors) Statistical Process Control and Control Charts Page 1-17 Global Competitiveness and Manufacturing Costs ¾ Products may be designed in one country, manufactured in several different countries, assembled in another country and then sold worldwide. ¾ Total cost of the product Material Tooling Labor Fixed costs (sales, administration) Capital costs (large machinery) Page 1-18 Lean Production and Agile Manufacturing ¾ Lean Production Efficiency and effectiveness of all operations Dispensability of some of its managers Efficiency of machinery and equipment Cooperation and teamwork between management and workforce Improves the profitability by removing all waste from the operations (zero-base waste) ¾ Agile Manufacturing Uses the principles of lean manufacturing on a broad scale Assuring flexibility Æ customization
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Page 1-19 Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing ¾ Problems resulting from manufacturing Water and air pollution Acid rain Zone depletion Greenhouse effects Hazardous wastes Landfill seepage Global warming ¾ New laws have been and will be established ¾ Design For the Environment (DFE): Preventing pollution at the source ¾ Design For Recycling (DFR) 75% of car parts in the US (mostly metal) are recycled Time to disassemble a part for recycling is under study Page 1-20 Manufacturing Engineering ¾ What do Manufacturing Engineers do? Plan the manufacture of a product and the process to be used Identify the machines Interact with design and manufacturing engineers to minimize the production cost Interact with industrial engineers in plant layout
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