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My best work is definitely in my last essay the deep

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thinking portion for writing academically. My best work is definitely in my last essay. The deep revision helped in supporting my thesis in each paragraph while producing transition between paragraphs. This course influenced my abilities to read for thought and make written notes while doing so. I will take from this course the added value for writing effectively and with an active voice even though I still may write passively and don’t realize it at times. I do though attempt to write with a passive voice, I even attempt to speak in the same manner. Extracting my past experiences and incorporating into my writing is done well, but lacks the critical thinking aspect. I prefer to write small, to the point papers with logic and truth. I will face challenges when I begin to work on my graduate degree which will take extensive writing. I look forward to this challenge, for this is my career path and writing will improve the overall learning abilities for my degree. I always have issues with punctuation. Thanks, Kenny Link! The two websites are credible and simple to understand when proof-reading and providing feedback. Enjoyable reading material.
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