Overview Etiology Genetic factors nonspecific risk factor Neurobiology

Overview etiology genetic factors nonspecific risk

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Overview Etiology Genetic factors: nonspecific risk factor Neurobiology Mesocorticolimbic dopamine system = “reward pathway” Wanting vs. liking of drug Psychosocial factors Failure in parental guidance Psychological vulnerability immaturity, impulsivity, negative emotionality, novelty seeking, anxiety Stress and tension reduction Intimate relationships Sociocultural factors: religious sanctions and cultural customs
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Overview Treatment Levels of care and indicators Motivation enhancement therapy Focuses on stages of change Self-help groups Addiction is lifelong and incurable; only way is abstinence CBT Identifies triggers (functional analysis), changes distorted thinking, negative affect, maladaptive behavior, and environment (stimulus control) Pharmacotherapy Medication that blocks desire to use Agonist substitution Antagonist treatment Aversive treatment Medication that lowers side effects of withdrawal
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CHAPTER 9 Eating Disorders
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