Your facilitator will always mark and comment on your

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Your facilitator will always mark and comment on your submitted assignments. You are expected to submit the assignments in time rather than on time. You are free to register complaints, should you not contented with the markings of the assignments as soon as possible preferably, before the submission of the next assignment. You can always prepare lists of questions before the next tutorial. Conclusion Geophysics 1 is a course that acquaints you with basic theoretical background of gravity and magnetic geophysical prospecting methods. Instrument, survey techniques, data acquisition, processing and interpretation are dealt with in the course.
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- 12 - Module 1 EARTH: INTERNAL STRUCTURE AND CONSTRUCTION, DENSITIES: ROCKS AND ORES. Unit 1 Origin of the Earth Unit 2 Motions of the Earth Unit 3 The Internal and External Structures of the Earth. Unit 4 Variation of Some Physical Properties within the Solid Earth. Unit 5 Rocks and Minerals Unit 6 Density Module 2 GEOMAGNETISM: ORIGIN, PROPERTIES OF ROCK Unit 1 Basic Facts in Magnetism Unit 2 Nature of Geomagnetic Field Unit 3 Characteristics of Magnetism in Rocks’ Components Unit 4 Magnetisation in Earth’s Rocks Unit 5 Magnetic Measurement Module 3 GRAVITY METHODS Unit 1 Newton’s Gravitation and Application Unit 2 Gravity Instrument Unit 1 Gravity Fieldwork Unit 4 Gravity Data Processing Unit 5 Gravity Data Interpretations. Module 4 MAGNETIC METHODS Unit1 Theory, Concept and Instruments Unit 2 Magnetic Survey Unit 3 Magnetic Data Processing Unit 4 Qualitative Interpretation of Magnetic Data Unit 5 Quantitative Interpretation of Magnetic Data
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