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Being a publicly traded clothing sportswear and

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Being a publicly traded clothing, sportswear, and equipment company, Nike is a very stable company to invest in at the moment. In regard to environmental factors to a sports apparel industry, the company holds a massive amount of brand power. Having major sports endorsements, such as LeBron James, many investors find this as a key quality to have in a long-term investment. The quality of the company’s products is above standard for high prices, but the company is known for having a strong customer loyalty base, just as Apple does. Since Nike has been in operation for over 30 years, this company can be perceived as a value stock. Nike has a P/E ratio of 23.33 and earnings per share of $4.79. Its return on equity is 22.59% and quarterly sales growth is 15.1% (“NKE: Summary”). Comparing the sports apparel industry’s technical analysis, Nike is relatively stable and
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3 Nipal increasing. With a strong balance sheet, the company is a safe investment while it still focuses on growth. Nike is generating positive free cash flow and with minimal debt. Looking at the company’s week-to-week returns, it had been profiting for every week of investing, peaking on the week of March 17 th . The company’s overall rate of return had been 3.65%. The company’s beta is 0.99, meaning that it is almost just as volatile as the stock market, making the company easier to watch over. Overall, the company had been a relatively stable stock, as it had been the company I allocated in the least. SXC Health Solutions, an Illinois-based pharmacy benefit management company, sells services pertaining to that and medical record keeping. It acts as a third party verifier. My greatest amount of investment had been put into this company as 18.8% of our $100 million in funds had been used from the company, which is relatively large compared to the smaller stock allocations. Being a pharmacy benefits manager as well as a service provider to PBMs, SXC had a lot of positive expectations. Over $72 billion in brand-named drugs are going to lose patent protection within the next five years. Since this is anticipated, generic alternatives are prone to rise. As previously stated, SXC is a third party verifier between the insurance company and the pharmacy. Since its PBM unit is in charge of this, it will generate more money every time someone applies a generic drug over a branded one. In addition to health care reformations, more people will be covered by Medicaid, which would benefit both of SXC’s business lines.
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4 According to the company’s three-year average, SXC Health Solution’s profit growth is 65% while its total return is 105% (Fortune’s Fastest-Growing Companies). Based on Barchart, the company is also seen as a strong buy, while in the long-term, the
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Being a publicly traded clothing sportswear and equipment...

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