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I like play basketball and also traveling 3 what are

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spring festival here, so need to have a lot of work done before the due day. I like play basketball and also traveling. 3. What are your course expectations? What would you like to learn about? What do you not want to learn about? I expect to know and understand the magic behind the financial market, it really fascinated me. I really like them. How the system works and how people using this become rich. That’s what I want to learn about. 4. If you do not use Binghamton University as your primary email account, then please employ the mail forwarding option in Blackboard to forward your email to your favorite account. Blackboard will only communicate with your BU account. Otherwise, please check your BU account often. 5. Using the drawing tool bar in Microsoft Word, draw a supply and demand graph. Show the effects of an increase in supply. The purpose of this exercise is to both review supply and demand analysis, and to make sure that you are able to draw graphs electronically. Please do not cut and paste from other sources.
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In most Word versions, the drawing toolbar can be accessed by clicking on the top square containing geometric shapes. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE ON TUESDAY, January 10 at 12:00 noon. You are encouraged to hand it in before that time if possible, as soon as it is complete. For each assignment, please send it through the Journal page in Blackboard. This is available by clicking on “Tools” in the blue sidebar. Be sure to hit the “send file” button, not the “save file” button. Do not use symbols such as # in the title. If you do so, the Blackboard program cannot recognize the file name and it will not be able to be open. If you have any questions, please email me, call (570) 949-4282 or post questions to the class discussion board. Good luck! Price Quality S2 D S1 E2 E1 P2 P1 Q2 Q1
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I like play basketball and also traveling 3 What are your...

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