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PH100 Lecture Notes

◦ the machine must be calibrated that is someone

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Unformatted text preview: ◦ The machine must be calibrated. That is, someone has to test the machine and determine whether it is inverting the spectrum or not. ▪ But THAT cannot be done – back where you started • “The moral of this intuition pump is that no intersubjective comparison of qualia is possible, even with perfect technology” (230, right column) ◦ doesn't that illustrate that there is something problematic with qualia ? Why would we accept the existence of something that science cannot determine? ◦ Reasonable conclusion: if our behaviors are identical then our experiences are identical October 16, 2012: “Quining Qualia” (cont.) Intuition pump #5: neurosurgical prank • You wake up one day and you realize that grass looks red, the sky looks yellow, etc. • Dennett's question: Can you infer that there has been an inversion of qualia? Intuition pump #6: alternative neurosurgery • There are two different types of surgery that could give rise to the observation that the grass appears to you to be red: 1. The neurosurgery has in fact inverted your qualia: red is now green, yellow is now blue; (perception change) 2. The neurosurgery has changed your memories: things look to you the same way, but you remember them as being different. (memory change) • Outcome of intuition pumps 5 & 6 ◦ “If there are qualia, they are even less accessible to our ken that we had thought. Not only are the classical intersubjective comparisons impossible..but we cannot tell our own cases whether our qualia have been inverted – at least not by introspection” (231). ▪ neurosurgeon has more knowledge, knows something that we don't (type of surgery he performed) ▪ Giving up the “private” property of qualia • The idea of qualia is problematic. • Meaningless to say we have qualia - “We have a difference, which makes no difference.” Intuition pump #7: Chase and Sanborn • Two coffee tasters: Chase and Sanborn ◦ Chase: He thinks that the taste of Maxwell House coffee hasn't changed. His attitude have: he no longer likes the taste (quale) of Maxwell House coffee. ◦ Sanborn: He thinks that the taste of Maxwell House coffee has changed. When he now drinks coffee he gets a different quale . • Question: Who's right? Can we ever tell? ◦ Dennett: If qualia existed, then we should be able to answer that question – there should be a real difference between the two cases. ◦ But we can never tell from their behavior or judgments who is right. ◦ We speak of a being a difference between the two cases But there doesn't seem to be a difference. • Dennett's conclusion: the idea that qualia exist independently of our judgments about properties of things in the world is a confused one....
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◦ The machine must be calibrated That is someone has to...

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