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Muslim writings in the time of the persian empire

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Muslim writings in the time of the Persian Empire.Correct!The Roman writings of Vitruvius.
The Greek writings of Socrates, who surprisingly was a great architect as well as aphilosopher.
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Question 111 / 1 ptsThe Italian architects typically went on a pilgrimage to __________ for study.
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Question 121 / 1 ptsHow did Professor Robert Langdon end up in a Florence hospital bed?
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Question 131 / 1 ptsWas the movie actually filmed in Florence?No. Florence would be too expensive for filming, and so studio sets were built.No. The Florence scenes were filmed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Correct!Yes. The Florence scenes were filmed in Florence, for the most part.No. The Florence scenes were filmed in smaller towns in Italy where the production costswould be less. The viewer is fooled by shots that were filmed in Florence as establishing asetting.The Florence scenes were filmed in Florence .Filming started in Venice, and then moved toFlorence. The outdoor scenes featuring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon were filmed in thehistoric center of the city.
Question 141 / 1 ptsWhere does Robert Langdon find his first clue?
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