En forma simultanea se realizó tres operaciones que

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En forma simultanea se realizó tres operaciones que resume en: A partir del nivel 4880 la chimenea piloto a superficie y con el objeto de no retrasar el avance, se profundizó el pique con un Winche auxiliar de 40 HP., paralelamente en superficie construcciones de bases para casa winche, castillo, infraestructuras varias e instalaciones. El Pique contó con supervisión especializada, dentro de ello un ingeniero de seguridad capacitado en trabajos de alto riesgo y trabajos en altura. Se realizó sondajes en el eje del pique para evaluar la geomecánica. Se contrató un Geotecnista para evaluar la base del Castillón y la base de la casa winche, sobre el bofedal y sus recomendaciones para tener unas instalaciones seguras. Palabras Claves: Pique.
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vii ABSTRACT The primary objective of the project of Pique is to continue exploring at lower levels in order to increase the reserves, in addition to having an efficient system of extraction of ore and disassemble, transport of personnel and movement of materials, machinery by lifting by Skips and cage. Recognize the deepening of the mineralization and to increase production. The Pique 158 E, it is estimated that it should deepen approximately up to the 4500 level, according to the information of the carried out drilling which will continue to see the continuity to this dimension. It is therefore projected to initially perform pique 04 levels of 50 meters each, in the first stage will be from surface to 4780 level, and in the second stage will deepen from 4780 level until level 4680. The deepening will additionally have the following levels of operation 4830, 4730 4680, 4780. At each level will be cruises transverse s-n to recognize the veins: Nazarene, Ramal cruise, Betty, Angelica, Liliana A winch in approximately 250 HP 02 Tamboras was installed (parts, and mechanical - electrical accessories corresponding), with an electronic control. Deepening was developed in an approximate time of 26 months. In pique and access was used the following types
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