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The Basic Characteristics of Islamic Ideology 1. Revealed Religion. 2.Complete Way of Life 3. Universality and Humanism 4. Simplicity and Practicalism 5. Balance between Individual & Society 1.Revealed Religion Islam is a revealed religion by the Creator Himself . Islam is the only “Deen” revealed by Allahthrough the messengers. Quran says: مَلاْسِلإا ِه اللّ َدٌِع َييٓدلا ّىِ إ Truly, the religion with Allah is Islam (submission to His Will). (3:19) That is Revelation which gave answers to basic problems of human. 2.A Complete Way of Life Islam is not confine private life but is rather a complete way of life. It covers all the fields of human existence. Islam provides guidance in every aspect of life: social, moral, religious economic, political, legal, national and international; not only it guides the believer in his public life but also in his private life.Quran says: oاَي ةّفآَكِ نْلٓسلا يِف ْاىلخْدا ْاىٌَ هآ َييِذّ لا اَهْيَ أ“O you who believe! Enter perfectly into Islam (by obeying all the rules and regulation of the religion of Islam.”(2:208)
Islamiat (Compulsory) Agha Zohaib Khan 2 3.Universality and Humanism The message of Islam is for the entire mankind.
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