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The solution valence bond theory a t il vsepr ith th

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The solution: Valence bond theory A t il VSEPR ith th t A way to reconcile VSEPR with the quantum mechanical model for atomic orbitals Appropriate s, p, and d orbitals on central atom are mixed to create a new set of hybrid orbitals directed towards bonded atoms and lone pairs Consider the bonding and geometry present in CH 4 to illustrate this S. Ensign, Chem. 1210 81
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109.5° Bonding of C to H in methane, CH 4 C: Group 4A, 1s 2 2s 2 2p 2 , 4 bonds needed to satisfy octet 1s 2s 2p Individual valence atomic orbitals of C in the ground state: z z z z x y x y x y x y z p y p z p x s All four valence valence atomic orbitals shown together: x y S. Ensign, Chem. 1210 82
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