B private key c primary key d authentication key 114

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b. private key. c. primary key. d. authentication key.
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114 292. CSO: 1E3a LOS: 1E3k The data entry staff of National Manufacturing Inc. has responsibility for converting all of the plant’s shipping information to computerized records. The information flow begins when the shipping department sends a copy of a shipping order to the data entry staff. A data entry operator scans the shipping order information onto a hand-held data storage device. Verification clerks then check the computerized record with the original shipping orders. When a given batch of files has been reviewed and corrected, as necessary, the information is uploaded to the company’s mainframe system at the home office. The most effective way to visualize and understand this set of activities would be through the use of a a. program flowchart. b. decision table. c. document flowchart. d. Gantt chart. 293. CSO: 1E3e LOS: 1E3n When attempting to restore computing facilities at an alternate site following a disaster, which one of the following should be restored first? a. Online system. b. Batch system. c. Operating system. d. Decision support system.
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