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Workingmen workingmens party 124 basically the

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workingmen” (Workingmen’s Party 124). Basically, the capitalists pocket all the hard workingmen’s money and then will turn around and call them the lower class and worth nothing. Why should they feel this is right? The Workingmen’s Party continues on to say their pay is not enough. They work like dogs or “slaves” but are not treated as well as such. They have no choice but to endure for, “If any man will not work, neither shall he eat” (Workingmen’s Party 125). All these men had families to feed; they couldn’t go a day without working for meager pay because they not only had themselves to think about, but others. They could not afford to protest or ask for more, for they could easily be replaced by others who were in
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desperate need of money and willing to work these conditions. “ There are enough more ready to take our places ” (Workingmen’s Party). The capitalist were never short of supply of people desperate enough to endure the long hours and little pay. At the end of the address, Workingmen’s Party tries to point out that the interest of the laborers and interest of the capitalists are not the same but at opposite ends. They are only interested in themselves and do what is best for them not for the workers. Although black slavery was a huge issue that America kept pushing under the rug, so was the “white slave trade” that started to come about in the 1840s due to capitalism and growing industry. Somehow the hard working laborers got the short end of the stick, and the Workingmen’s Party Address was an outreach to all laborers to take a second look and see if they feel it is right to be treated this way in such bad conditions and small pay. Work Cited
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Scott E. Casper - Richard O. Davies – Addresses of the Workingmen’s Party - Five hundred years: America in the world - Boston, MA - Pearson Custom Pub. - 2006 - 5th Ed.
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