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Question 19 1 1 pts which age group have

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Question 191 / 1 ptsWhich age group have developmental psychologists historically focused onthe most: children, adolescents, or adults?Correct!childrenadolescentsadults
Question 200 / 1 ptsWhat was the name of the little boy that Watson and Raynor conditioned tofear a white rat? [answer1]
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Question 218 / 10 ptsThoroughly answer the essay question. Answers should be in clearlywritten in full sentences. (10 points)Name two strengths and two limitations of the cognitive psychologyapproach. Then, describe in detail why each strength is a strength and whyeach limitation is a limitation. In other words, explain each strength andlimitation in more detail.
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5 pts for sufficiently describing two strengths, which should include thefollowing: scientific and empirical, uses objective measurements, veryapplicable.5 pts for sufficiently describing two weaknesses, which should include thefollowing: did not focus on biology in early forms of cognitive psychology,laboratory research versus real-world behavior, subjectivity of internalprocesses.
I'm not sure what the issue is here, but it is very difficult to read youranswers.Quiz Score:26out of 30
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