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C maintain a well developed working knowledge of the

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C. Maintain a well-developed working knowledge of the complete line of products and services offered, taking responsibility  to keep up to date and request assistance for further development needs. D. Initiate conversations to uncover customer needs and be capable of effectively referring customers to business partners  for the selling and cross-selling bank products and services to customers, so that personal and Bank goals are consistently  met and/or exceeded. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: N/A   Experience  MINIMUM KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES REQUIRED: Work involves extensive cash handling, which requires ability to perform advanced math functions. Work involves contact with the public, necessitating the ability to present a professional image. Must have the ability to interact comfortably and confidently with the public and demonstrate the initiative to initiate dialogue. Work requires the ability to properly read and write well enough to communicate in both oral and written form. Position requires knowledge of retail policies and procedures in order to perform the essential duties. Work requires the ability to take initiative and utilize sound judgment in decision-making and diplomacy and tact in problem resolution. Must be able to work in a team environment with the ability to interact well, and in a positive manner, with co- workers and management. Need to have flexibility in scheduling.
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