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3 how can you manifest leadership in the future with

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3. How can you manifest leadership in the future? **** With coming to the understanding of what a true leader is, I will be more conscious of which leaders are real and which are phony. 4. What do you think your leadership style is (see page 195)? I believe my leadership style is a combination of several styles. My primary style of leadership is engaged. I love networking, typically unintentionally. The way I meet people, I have a genuine interest in creating friends. I feel as though the best way to be able to lead a great group is to create a personal relationship with the members of the group, making them feel comfortable to work with others. I am personally not as outspoken as I would like to be when working with groups. However, if I know my leader or others are making an effort to show that they want my engagement makes the situation much more personal, creating a genuine interest . Another leadership style I see myself being a part of is consensus leadership. I do not like hurting other people’s feelings. This refers back to the engaged leadership. I like creating personal relations with others in order to get the best and most out of them. Knowing myself, I would not be able to open up as easily if I am placed with complete strangers. A barrier must be broken. I always try to consider other people’s feelings. - I’m a networker – engaged - I don’t like hurting people’s feelings – consensus - A little bit of expert – being right and efficient is more important than the relationships
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