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Final Industry Analysis Paper

In addition to explaining the industries the top five

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In addition to explaining the industries, the top five companies in each industry was analyzed in depth to gain a better understanding of how each company has thrived in their respected industry. Many of these companies share similar strengths, weakness, threats, and opportunities. This is because the four industries in the project are interrelated. For instance, in this challenging economy, consumers have less disposable income, which is affecting the Entertainment industry. In addition, this affects the banking industry because consumers are less likely to invest their money with these banks. Consequently, consumers are finding it harder to pay for healthcare, and insurance too. The harsh economy has affected all industries. In addition to the harsh economy, because of the greed of some insurance and banking companies, the government is imposing tough regulations on these industries, which will make it harder for companies to earn as high revenues than without the regulations. As the economy starts to blossom, each industry will regain its strength. These industries are each banking on the economical trend that the economy goes in cycles, whereas the economy has it’s peaks and valleys. As of now, the 29
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economy is slowing moving upward and companies in these industries are excited because a healthy economy means more revenue for them! 30
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