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Miles across the rugged wilderness of upstate new

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miles across the rugged wilderness of upstate New York, which connected E. The Erie Canal, seldom more than 40 feet wide and 12 feet deep, but running 363 miles across the rugged wilderness of upstate New York, connecting Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q40: Which of the following most logically completes the argument? Researchers recently asked dozens of shoppers, chosen at random coming out of a FoodBasket supermarket, what they had purchased. The prices of the very same items at the nearest ShopperKing supermarket were totaled and compared with the FoodBasket total. The ShopperKing totals averaged five percent higher than the FoodBasket totals. Nevertheless, this result does not necessarily show that shoppers at ShopperKing would save money overall by shopping at FoodBasket instead, since ______. A. shoppers who shop regularly at a given supermarket generally choose that store for the low prices offered on the items that they purchase most often B. for shoppers with more than 20 items, the ShopperKing totals averaged more than five percent higher than the FoodBasket totals C. many shoppers consider factors other than price in choosing the supermarket at which they shop most regularly D. there is little variation from month to month in the overall quantity of purchases made at supermarkets by a given shopper E. none of the people who conducted the research were employees of the FoodBasket supermarket Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q41: The first English settlers to establish a permanent colony in America did it not at Plymouth but along the shore of the James River west of Chesapeake Bay. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21
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