Those in our solar system are so far away that all of

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those in our solar system) are so far away that all of the light rays coming from them reach the Earth as parallel rays. Because the light rays are parallel to each other, the reflector telescope's mirror has a parabolic shape. The parabolic-shaped mirror focusses the parallel lights rays to a single point. All modern research telescopes and large amateur ones are of the reflector type because of its advantages over the refractor telescope. Procedure: We use this telescope inside the classroom, and once I get wear off my eyeglasses and put my eye on the lens, I saw a light point of the scraper, and when I move the telescope by tilting it up and down, left and right, and the light point is moving with the lens. I think if we use it outside the classroom at night, we might see a bigger picture of the stars and its shape. The history of development of Newtonian telescopes:
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