223 waddell v lvrv inc facts lvrv whelers sold an rv

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22.3 // Waddell v. L.V.R.V. Inc. Facts : LVRV (Wheler’s) sold an RV to the Waddells family. Before the family took possession, they requested repairs, including a service on the engine’s cooling system, new batteries, and alignment of door frames. Although Wheeler’s said they fixed it, the Waddells began undergoing problems in regard to an overheated engine. They continually returned back to the Wheeler’s for repairs multiple times. The service department actually took about seven months of different time periods total to try to repair the RV. Three years from the purchase date, the Waddells filed a complaint to seek relief. Issue : Did the Waddells have reasonable time to return the car? Holding : Since the seller’s attempt to fix the RV did not count against the buyer’s timely revocation, the court claimed that the Waddells were entitled to returning the car. Rule of Law : The Waddells had a nonconformity product, requesting an appropriate engine cooling system. Since the item substantially impaired the value to the Waddells by the consistent need to return to the repair shop for a total of seven months, the family had the right to revoke the car. Although we are assuming that the repair shop attempted to repair the defects in good faith, the repairs did not count towards the buyer’s timely revocation. Problems
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223 Waddell v LVRV Inc Facts LVRV Whelers sold an RV to the...

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