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Gaining a common understanding of the strategic and

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Gaining a common understanding of the strategic and operational command environment involves some significant challenges for commanders. Some of these key challenges are: Identifying and prioritizing efforts on key stakeholder decision makers Cross domain dialogue with and through the combatant commander, and Time management considerations associated with gaining this understanding, such as battlespace circulation and key leader engagement; which many commanders have identified as one of their most important tasks and challenges The key challenge of cross-domain dialogue is also critically important to conveying the next important attribute of mission command, that of intent. Intent -Joint doctrine emphasizes the need to clearly convey the commander's visualization of the entire operation and what the commander wants to accomplish. Take a moment to review the insights and common challenges associated with commander's intent. A key challenge many commanders have experienced is providing clear focus and risk guidance to subordinates during decentralization. Clear, concise and complete mission orders empower subordinates enabling disciplined initiative and timely decision making at the subordinate level. Please take a moment to read the definition of commander's intent, presented here, before moving on.
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