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Q27 according to the passage which of the following

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Q27: According to the passage, which of the following was true of the treaty establishing the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation? A. It was challenged in the Supreme Court a number of times. B. It was rescinded by the federal government, an action that gave rise to the Winters case. C. It cited American Indians’ traditional use of the land’s resources. D. It failed to mention water rights to be enjoyed by the reservation’s inhabitants. E. It was modified by the Supreme Court in Arizona v. California . Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q28: The primary purpose of the passage is to A. trace the development of laws establishing American Indian reservations B. explain the legal bases for the water rights of American Indian tribes C. question the legal criteria often used to determine the water rights of American Indian tribes D. discuss evidence establishing the earliest date at which the federal government recognized the water rights of American Indians E. point out a legal distinction between different types of American Indian reservations Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q29: Smithtown University’s fund-raisers succeeded in getting donations from 80 percent of the potential donors they contacted. This success rate, exceptionally high for university fund-raisers, does not indicate that they were doing a good job. On the contrary, since the people most likely to donate are those who have donated in the past, good fund-raisers constantly try less-likely prospects in an effort to expand the donor base. The high success rate shows insufficient canvassing effort. Which of the following, if true, provides more support for the argument? 12
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this year were from donors who had never given to the university before. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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