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Project Dollarama

As a result of our planning process chiu weisserman

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As a result of our planning process, Chiu & Weisserman SENCRL, srl and Dollarama Inc. have agreed to a fee, subject to the following conditions. To help meet mutually agreed objectives of the engagement, Dollarama Inc. will provide in a timely manner: audit schedules and supporting information; all significant accounting and financial reporting matters; working space; and clerical help as mutually agreed upon and as is normal and reasonable in the circumstances. If for any reason Dollarama Inc. is unable to provide such schedules, information and help, Chiu & Weisserman SENCRL, srl and Dollarama Inc. will mutually revise the fee to reflect additional services, if any, required of us to achieve these objectives. In providing our services, we will consult with Dollarama Inc. about matters of accounting, financial reporting or other significant business issues. Accordingly, our fee reflects the time necessary for a reasonable amount of such consultation. However, should a matter require research, consultation or audit work beyond that amount, Chiu & Weisserman SENCRL, srl and Dollarama Inc. will agree to an appropriate revision in services and fee. Our fees will be limited to those set out below, subject to any changes in fees, which may result from the circumstances described above. Our fees for the services described above are estimated to be $35,000, plus out of pocket expenses, exclusive of GST and QST, subject to the terms and conditions above. Invoices will be rendered as work progresses in accordance with the following schedule: Progress billing #1 March 1, 2012 $ 17,500 Final billing – upon release of the independent auditors' report $ 17,500 The significant, and ongoing, action by the CICA, CPAB and other regulatory bodies has a major impact on the cost of providing your audit. Because we understand that companies strongly prefer cost certainty, we have historically provided very firm estimates of our fees, sometimes even for multi-year periods. We have been able to do that because of our clear understanding of the work required to provide a high quality audit. Unfortunately, today’s environment makes it impossible to predict costs over multiple years, and, as described above, makes it hard to even anticipate costs during a single year. Our fee estimates have been developed in the spirit of providing you the best information on cost that we can provide today. However, we cannot anticipate the incremental work that will be required as the regulatory bodies issue new standards. We will endeavour to advise you of anticipated changes to our fees on a timely basis. In signing this letter, you acknowledge your approval of the above billing schedule and amounts. Invoices expected to be issued that do not adhere to this schedule, or are in excess of the amounts noted above, will be discussed with you for your approval. Fees collected will be applied to overdue invoices first, followed by subsequently issued invoices in order of issuance. Other Matters
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As a result of our planning process Chiu Weisserman SENCRL...

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