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Professional_Knowledge_and_Abilities paper

With advancements in agriculture technology and how

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with advancements in agriculture technology and how those advancements can benefit the entire population. Most people do not realize the significance that animals of feed stock production, particularly, have on survival for mankind. The medications and feed supplements given to such livestock are just the same given to people who consume those animals. The sciences behind the study on the relation of animal feeds and animals of feed interests me a great deal. I am very open-minded with a natural curiosity of beneficial health mysteries. My knowledge and abilities created through the Food and Drug Administration can affect my career success in many ways. The FDA could open my mind toward science and health fields that I have no prior knowledge about, or I may take a serious approach towards career advancements with. I may even find a new field of study within the FDA, given its large spectrum of specialties that could open a new door to many opportunities. I understand that a profound curiosity to try new things, imagination, and research skills are just a few qualities to have to succeed in an organization such as the FDA. I appreciate challenges and new ideas that allow me to better myself as I may be able to help many others.
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