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2 neal cassady 1926 1968 he was not much of a writer

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2. Neal Cassady (1926-1968): he was not much of a writer, dabbled in poetry, celebrated by personal embodiment of their ideals. Seen as embodiment of beat philosophy often crazed life style, big component of hippies, influence of Ginsberg and Kerouac. 3. Alan Ginsberg (1926-1997): Howl (1956): hippie movement later on, somewhat disoriented old man, Very prolific poet, best known for Howl . II. The Hippies & The 1960s Culture of Protest: small part of the 60s, most recognizable part. Intense culture protest. Vietnam war was spectator war, first real televised war. 1957-1975 drags on for a long time. 58,000 Americans killed over 300,000 wounded. Loss of faith and government and politicians due to the failure and combine with Watergate, start with the current skepticism of the federal government. A. Antiwar Movement: starts very small but grows. Anti Vietnam war movement, smaller then anti Iraq war. By the time US exits Vietnam. 1. Students for a Democratic Society: first one to hold first anti war protest, leads to notable growth. Some beats were included. In 1965, first time you saw it were like regular normal Americans.
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2. 1968 Democratic Convention, Chicago: outside the Hilton hotel, escalated the police becoming aggressive towards peaceful. Started beating people on media personnel. 3. Kent State (1970): Students nonviolent demonstration, national guardsman in a panic, fires into a crowd. They kill four students. Shows the fighting on the home front. Americans fighting on Americans, war carrying over, war being gauged on our own. Decided shift popularity of the war, silent Americans supported war, but after Kent State, not a claim Nixon can make. B. Women’s Lib:
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2 Neal Cassady 1926 1968 he was not much of a writer...

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