MAR 3326 Syllabus 2013 Sumer C

One day late deduction of 10 from total point value

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One day late = Deduction of 10% from total point value earned 2. More than one day = Assignment graded no higher than 10 points below the lowest grade awarded to another student’s or team’s work or a deduction of 20 % from total point value earned. The most severe penalty will be deducted from the grade earned. Technical Difficulty Policy : If you cannot submit an assignment through Blackboard due to technical difficulty and wish to avoid a penalty, send your assignment to Dr. Smith ( [email protected] ) as an email attachment before the due date and time. Late email submissions are subjected to penalties noted above. Participation Policy Effective and timely participation in team assignments and discussion boards is required. Netiquette and Disruptive Behavior Use standard English and proper spelling and rules of grammar in communicating through emails, messages, wikis, discussion boards, and other means of communication facilitated by Blackboard. Use each wiki, discussion board or other Blackboard communication tools only for the express purpose for which they were created. Do not send profanity, derogatory, or bully-like statements, or offensive images to anyone participating in this class through any Blackboard communication tool or other means of communication. Remember that emails and posts to wikis, blogs, discussion boards, and the like remain open for everyone to see and will be used to evaluate inappropriate messages and disruptive behavior. If you are experiencing a netiquette issue with one or more teammates, please send a note to Dr. Smith using the “message” function in Blackboard. 10
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Team Formation Policy Some online students prefer to work with others and join a team. Team membership provides opportunities to divide tasks and put two sets of eyes on assignments. However, some students have suffered at the hands of teammates who drop without notice, submit sub-standard work, fail to stay in contact with teammates, and damage team dynamics. You may opt to join a team with only one other student. Teams are limited to only two members. No exceptions are granted. Dr. Smith strongly warns against joining a team, especially during a summer semester when some students decide before the deadline to drop that summer enrollment was a bad idea. Dr. Smith will not make deals to shorten an assignment because a team dissolved and will not attempt to get involved with team issues and place blame. He will simply disband a dysfunctional team at the first instance of dysfunction. If your team implodes for any reason or Dr. Smith disbands your team, you are expected to complete and submit by the date and time deadline the full assignment. Working Groups Are Encouraged : A “working group” consists of students who have different brands but who share the same responsibility to submit common assignments. All students are encouraged to join a “working group” to discuss exercises and assignments and to befriend and assist one another. A working group can be as large or as small as you desire. While you will be working with different brands
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One day late Deduction of 10 from total point value earned...

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