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Print Media Advertising Variable Weekdays Sundays Days 2 2 Objective Weekdays Sundays Total Circulation Circulation per day 30,000 80,000 220,000 Constraints Weekdays Sundays Total Limits Budget $2,000 $8,000 $20,000 <= $40,000 Weekday Min 2 >= 8 Weekday Max 2 <= 26 Sunday Min 2 >= 2 Sunday Max 2 <= 5 And the answer report is as follows. From the answer report, we know that the optimal decisions are to buy 12 weekdays and 2 Sundays. The corresponding circulation is 520,000.
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QSO 510 Quantitative Analysis Linear Programming HW Set 5 Solution 4 Objective Cell (Max) Cell Name Original Value Final Value $D$7 Circulation per day Total Circulation 220,000 520,000 Variable Cells Cell Name Original Value Final Value Integer $B$4 Days Weekdays 2 12 Contin $C$4 Days Sundays 2 2 Contin Constraints Cell Name Cell Value Formula Status Slack $D$10 Budget Total $40,000 $D$10<=$F$10 Binding 0 $D$11 Weekday Min Total 12 $D$11>=$F$11 Not Binding 4 $D$12 Weekday Max Total 12 $D$12<=$F$12 Not Binding 14 $D$13 Sunday Min Total 2 $D$13>=$F$13 Binding 0 $D$14 Sunday Max Total 2 $D$14<=$F$14 Not Binding 3
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QSO 510 Quantitative Analysis Linear Programming HW Set 5 Solution 5 Assignment Problem 2 A contestant on the hit reality television show Top Bartender was asked to mix a variety of drinks, each consisting of 4 fluid ounces. No other ingredients were permitted. She was given the following quantities of liquor: LIQUOR QUANTITY Bourbon 128 oz Brandy 128 oz Vodka 128 oz Dry Vermouth 32 oz Sweet Vermouth 32 oz The contestant is considering making the following four drinks: The New Yorker: 25% each of bourbon, brandy, vodka, and sweet vermouth The Garaboldi: 25% each of brandy and dry vermouth; 50% sweet vermouth The Kentuckian: 100% bourbon The Russian: 75% vodka and 25% dry vermouth The contestant’s objective is to make the largest number of drinks with the available liquor. What is the combination of drinks to meet her objective?