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Thesis Final Report (long)

A1 yes of course coming here is like an outing a2 yes

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Unformatted text preview: A1: Yes of course, coming here is like an outing A2: Yes it’s a sort of entertainment for us Q: Had you set a budget before coming? A1: Family said we won’t give you money for shopping so well whatever pocket money I have is my budget right now. Q: Do you bargain at other bazaars as well? A1: At other bazaars they don’t have a lot of margin so you cannot bargain that much, but here there’s a lot of room for bargaining. A2: Here retailers have also set a fixed price below which they do not sell, so as to maximize their profits. Respondent # 28 Gender: Male Income Bracket: Age bracket: 20 - 25 Profession: Student Q: Where do you live? A: Near Szabist Q: How often do you come to Sunday Bazaar? A: Whenever my sister wants to come actually. Q: And how often is that? A: Every Sunday. Q: What kind of Items do you purchase? A: My sister's out buying shoes, slippers, and other things for herself. So I buy some shirts. Q: So do you usually buy used or unused? A: Well its good if we find good quality in used, otherwise we buy brand new. It depends on the price and variety. Q: Have you decided what to buy before arriving? A: Yeah I usually come for shirts and shoes. Q: Are the quality and prices good? A: Yeah. The used ones are around 150 and the new ones start at 250 Q: Do you bargain? A: Yes. I do Q: So How much does the shopkeeper say? A: For example, this one he said was for 110. so how much would you bargain with the poor guy? I'd say 100, nothing less. Q: So why Sunday Bazaar? Why not shop somewhere else? A: There's more quality, more variety, and its cheaper. Q: Do you bargain when you shop at other places, like Park Towers, or just and Sunday Bazaar? A: Yes obviously. Because I'm sure you're aware that the prices are really high over there. Q: How much would you offer for an item that costs rs1000 A: If someone here says shoes are for rs1000, I would automatically offer rs400. Q: And how much do you end up getting it for? A: Around rs550-600 91 Q: How do you decide how much each items actual worth is? A: I take the price and divide it by 2, half the given price. Respondent # 29 Gender: Female Income Bracket: Age bracket: 20-25 Profession: student Q: What kind of items do you buy form Sunday bazaar? A: Bags, flip flops, etc, etc.. Q: Do you bargain? A: Yes we have to bargain. Q: How much do you bargain? A: About half the given prices. Q: Do you have fun bargaining? A: Oh yes, we come to Sunday Bazaar and know that this is the place to bargain. Q: So Sunday Bazaar also fills entertaining purposes? A: Entertainment purposes, eating purposes, shopping purposes. All in one. Q: What feeling do you get when you purchase an item for a really good price? A: I feel very happy that I got something for such a good price....
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A1 Yes of course coming here is like an outing A2 Yes...

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