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In other countries people handle substance use in

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In other countries, people handle substance use in young people much differently. Many
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countries have much younger drinking ages than the US does, and many do not have a limit at all. It is perfectly acceptable for a young person to be able to drink with their friends and not get in any trouble for it, while underage drinking in America is always something that can get people in trouble. Many other cultures actually involve the use of alcohol or other substances in their cultural or religious practices. The state achieved by using these substances is thought of as holy or a state that will bring one closer to a god or deity. Things definitely changed when I got to college. My new friends drank much more than my friends from home. Slowly, I began to adapt to the norm of going out every weekend. Second semester freshman year, I joined a sorority and things really skyrocketed from there. I won't say I drink all the tim, because I don't. I am still extremely “tame” compared to a lot of my friends. I'll go out and drink and party with my friends, but I won't be ridiculous about it. I know my limits and I know how to respect them. I still have never smoked anything. I have had much more pressure and opportunity to try marijuana, but I have not participated. I respect the decisions of people who do enjoy it, but it is not something that I wish to try. I have never tried anything past alcohol, and I am content with that. I think that there are several different ways to go about limiting substances for young people. A lot of it depends on family values and the kind of household a person is raised in. America, as a country, has struggled with finding a good legal drinking age and limitations surrounding drinking. I know for sure that if a child is raised in a household that is comfortable talking about alcohol and one where they feel comfortable asking for help or for a ride or anything like that, they are less likely to make bad decisions regarding alcohol. Children raised in a family where alcohol is taboo and
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In other countries people handle substance use in young...

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